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Christmas Holidays

Days Remaining: 16



I hate essay writing. That is all there is to say on that.
P.S What's worse is that all my teachers seem to know that and still pile them on anyways. *sigh*
P.P.S Also noticed that I still haven't gotten around to that huge Disney post I was talking about in August. Ooopps.


Happy Halloween!

Was a ballerina this year, hence the userpic. Google is really cool today. Not going trick or treating, giving out candy instead. And attempting to write an essay. Fun fun fun.


CIBC Run for the Cure

Participated in the 5K Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer with my school. It was really fun even though it rained :( At least I brought my rain jacket. Maybe next year I'll actually run instead of walk.

The Lion King

Watching the Lion King in 3-D today with my best friend who has NEVER SEEN IT. WHAAAATTTT????